Therapeutic Harp

Therapeutic Harp – For Your Spiritual Care

Respite and Compassion Visits –  Your loved ones will relax to the soothing sounds of live therapeutic harp music at their bedside. Therapeutic harp music creates an environment that facilitates healing for the body, mind & spirit, improving quality of life, providing peace and comfort.

Therapeutic Harp Special Needs  – Please contact.
Information Education Sessions –  Available on request.

Halton Harps brings the soothing sounds of therapeutic harp music to those in hospice, palliative care and hospitalized children including those with special needs (autism, CP, ADHD, down-syndrome etc.) Our unique offering of harp music at the bedside provides peace, comfort and relaxation to those in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and private residences.

Reasons To Make Harp Therapy part of your Holistic Health & Wellness Program

(Benefits listed from National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians pdf ~ NSBTM)

  1. Augment pain management of the terminally ill
  2. Relieve anxiety of the chronically ill
  3. Accelerate physical healing of post-surgery and injured patients
  4. Support end of life process
  5. Reduce stress and blood pressure of the chronically ill
  6. Relieve body and mental tension of pre-operative patients.

For more information about these services, pricing, how to book a session and our current availability please contact us

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Harp Therapy is a specialization within Music Therapy

We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council,
an agency of the Government of Ontario.