It’s always rewarding to know you’ve done a good job – even better when people take the time to tell you in writing! Here’s a few of the things happy clients have said:


“As a Girl Guide leader for girls aged 9-11, I was thrilled with the program that Francesca facilitated for us. I contacted her asking about how far she would travel, as we are in a pretty rural area and it’s hard to find new and exciting things for our girls to do. Francesca was excited to bring the harps and her amazing energy and patience all the way to us. It is a really well-rounded program with music, crafts, information and of the course the harps! The girls are asking when she can come back again. Thank you again Francesca, we will definitely want you to return.” – Melanie Oepkes

“Francesca Durham facilitated an interactive Therapeutic Harp workshop at our Day Program for older adults with Dementia. Our clients got the chance to listen and reminisce to popular favourites and to play along using rainbow colored bells and shakers that Francesca brought with her. Francesca was very personable, professional and enthusiastic at all times and even gave one of our clients a special birthday song. The workshop gave our clients the opportunity to express themselves and to be creative while providing both a relaxing and energetic atmosphere. We cannot wait to welcome Francesca back to Branson Place! ~ Christina Burns

“I recently assisted at a workshop that Francesca held with Girl Guides, ages 9-12. Unanimously the girls agreed they all had fun and didn’t want to stop when the time had ended. Francesca was warm and patient with the girls, encouraging to all. She was able to get girls over their fears of “messing up” and willing to try… and then find success! She was honest with her praise, showing a constant belief in the capacity of each to do well. At the end of the session every girl could play a song which they proudly performed for their families. I look forward to future workshops joining Halton Harps and the Girl Guides. Francesca lives out her belief that music enhances everyones lives, sharing her joy freely. ~ Heather Nutbeem, Guider Community 16 Girl Guides of Canada.”

“As an older harp student it is often hard to get motivated, but Francesca Durham was a big help mentoring me all along the way. Once I decided I wanted to prepare the tape to complete the Level one Clinical Musician program, she supported my decision to have it done it before my 73rd birthday, 4 months away. She helped me set goals by e-mail and telephone, and made sure I checked in with her as I worked on them. Always she was most encouraging and upbeat. She was my cheerleader and full of good sound suggestions to help me accomplish my goals. I doubt if I would have attained my certificate without her coaching. Thank you Francesca.” – Dee Burnlees CMI

“The Clinical Musician Program was a very unique learning experience. There is so much I learned about the harp and healing. I feel privileged to be a part of this growing journey of helping others in the healing process. I am very thankful for my mentor Francesca Durham who was very patient and positive throughout the whole process. Her kind but firm guidance was just what I needed to help guide me through to the finish line. Thank you for a wonderful journey.” ~ Elizabeth Brosha Los Alamos, New Mexico

“Francesca came to the hospice to facilitate a group of hospice volunteers in a harp therapy session. She brought her beautiful rainbow coloured harps so the volunteers not only learned about harp therapy but also had an opportunity to participate by actually playing the harps. Within minutes they were all playing their chosen harp, making music and the whole atmosphere in the room changed. Volunteers who were nervous about not being musically inclined were amazed that they had created music with their own hands. The comments received about the session were all positive with volunteers citing it as one of the best sessions that they had ever come to. I would highly recommend Francesca, she brings not only her knowledge of harp therapy but also a warmth and gentleness which allows others to feel comfortable to make music.” Kathy Ratchford, Hospice Staff Coordinator of Recruitment and Training Heart House Hospice


“Not really knowing what to expect when I showed up for a MARI session with Francesca, I was open to whatever may occur. I had no idea I would leave with the reassurance, empowerment & validation I need to be confident that I can truly handle the life challenges facing me. I also left with a clear idea of where I want my life to go and how to begin moving in the right direction. Francesca opened a wonderful door within me and I am sincerely grateful. Thank you so much!” – Gillian

“I am normally nervous about trying new things but Francesca created such a laid back and welcoming atmosphere that I soon found myself speaking and sharing more than I ever thought I would. The MARI session itself was very informative and I was amazed at what she discovered and therefore, what I discovered about myself. Thank you so much and I will definitely recommend your enlightening services to everyone I know.” – Arlan

“Francesca is a wise and insightful coach, who brings a wealth of knowledge and intuitive knowing to her work. She has invested much of herself and her time in her personal quest to follow her passion and is able to offer an authentic and very individual transformative experience to her clients. I very much appreciate her warmth, care and concern which always ensures a very positive, comfortable and consciousness-raising interaction. MARI is a wonderful process and experience.” Lynda Hill, Licensed Heartmath Stress Management Coach