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Renew Your Mind And Eventually Your Heart

Let MARI® Be A Doorway Into Your Mind And Heart

Did you know MARI® has been called, “The Doorway into the Wonder of the Psyche?” Well, what I know for sure is MARI® has a beautiful way of opening people’s hearts and minds.  You have the opportunity to see a visual of what is real and true in your life.

The spontaneous creativity supports participants to see and integrate what they might be holding in. It also reveals their visionary potentials. It’s the spontaneous drawing that sometimes seems a little scary for some to let go and just create.

Weekend workshops are profound in so many ways. Thank you to those who have come for the experience including those who come back after a year-long transformation. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Creating authentic heart connections in our community is alive and well! And it just keeps on getting better. Thinking of a way to renew your mind and heart? Experience MARI® today.

Join our next ‘mini’ workshop on March 2nd at The Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, Mississauga, ON. For a FULL personal MARI® experience contact me for more details francescadurham@gmail.com

“Your willingness to look at your darkness is what empowers you to change” – Iyanla Vanzant