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Harping In Palliative Care

Music Therapy in Palliative CareHealthcare facilities today, more than ever, are focusing on quality patient care.  Demand keeps growing for innovative methods of creating positive therapeutic environments.

Facilities worldwide (hospitals/hospice) are beginning to use music for therapeutic benefits.

Music Therapy in Palliative Care has gained considerable recognition as a practical application and solution for positive patient experience.

The growing field of health care, known as music therapy, uses music to support the healing process. Those of us practicing music therapy or providing therapeutic harp music are seeing first hand the benefits from our clients.

As part of my training (much like yours) I had to write books reports to demonstrate my understanding of the subject. Here is an excerpt from one of the book reports:

Music Therapy in Palliative Care, by David Aldridge.

In the book Music Therapy in Palliative Care, author David Aldridge features “New Voices”, a compilation of various practitioner modalities and information regarding case studies and findings from their therapeutic music treatments.

In each “New Voice”, the author’s share their experience working with therapeutic music and terminally ill clients in different countries. From a variety of settings, Hospice to the Oncology ward, rarely do we find such a broad perspective of patient cases based on the practical application of music therapy. “Neglected tradition of clinical writing” is what encouraged author David Aldridge to add “New Voices” to his latest book.