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Thank You To The Participating Artists

For those of you who we know well and to the new artists participating this year, a heartfelt thanks on behalf of myself and the HBHAS. You remind us of what is possible.

Your work makes the art exhibition beautiful and a beloved community event for the Cultural Centre. We’ve had many visitors this year and so many wonderful compliments. You help us escape, if only for a moment, to different lands through your creative expression “Celebrating Freedom”.

Thank you for traveling to Halton Hills and sharing your positive vibe, talents and creative spirit. It was a magical evening.

Judy Daley, the curator of the Culture Centre, thank you for your input and assistance. We appreciate all the fine detail and effort that happened behind the scenes. We had fun.

To all the artists remember what Langston Huges said, “An artist must be free to choose what he does, certainly, but he must also never be afraid to do what he might choose.” ~ Langston Huges

Are you an artist interested in participating in the HBHAS 2019 Art Exhibition? Email: francescadurham@gmail.com.

What Does It Take To Be Brave With Your Life?

Being brave is about taking action and it takes courage to be brave.

I decided to survey my circle of friends for their thoughts on being brave. These were the common actions and thoughts about what it takes to be brave with your life.

  1. Make decisions and be a leader.
  2. Be OK being different.
  3. Show you’re vulnerable.
  4. Do what you do and do it well.
  5. Know what you stand for.
  6. Share your experience.

Leadership is a skill that you can learn. And if you already have leadership qualities there is always room for improvement to maximize your potential.

Working toward being the best version of you each and every day takes bravery and courage. By the end of the year, you can look back and see from your actions how far you’ve come. Realistic goals and challenges are important. Most importantly, remember to be playful and have fun too.

If you are interested in working with a mentor to help you cope with major life change and transitions or if you need help with choosing the right harp therapy program for you please contact me @ francescadurham@gmail.com.