Journey Through The 7 Modes

A Beautiful Night was inspired by volunteer hours donated while completing an internship. The music shared was written for many of the children, staff, adults, and caregivers in mind. Modes are extremely powerful. The word ‘mode’ comes from the Latin for ‘manner, or method’. The journey to completing this project took over a year with many obstacles. Yet somehow perseverance was the order of the day. In the end, we have what started as a seed of thought, hummed out a few times, worked out on the harp and now fully transcribed to give you a pleasant experience of modes for your mood. “It would be my wish that you live to be inspired each and every day in whatever way you best express yourself.” Francesca

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Here’s a link to my first book about my personal harping journey. My Harpers Journey: A Diary of Hope & Inspiration. Also available for Kindle.

Here’s another link to the Author’s Spotlight on my book, Colourful-Self Improvement ~7 Keys To A Happier, Healthier, Wealthier YOU! This personal journal is helpful for self-reflection and personal self-development. What better way to discover more about YOU than through the language of colour. Shift your perspective and create profound new growth within.

Wisdom Deck

My personal wisdom deck of circular cards provides hope and guidance for the present as well, a little inspiration for the future.  Uplifting messages and gentle advice to help you cope with life s challenges finding your way back to joy! Please allow 4-5 weeks delivery.

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Happy Harping Patch

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