Wisdom Cards ~ Hope & Inspiration

wisdomcardsA brightly coloured deck of 24 affirmation cards to help you develop your personal insight.

Mantras and words of wisdom on each card supports where you are on life’s path. The gentle whispers of wisdom will go a long way when suddenly you find yourself in transition going through a major shift in your life.

Wisdom cards help put you in touch with your own inner guidance, the part of you that knows everything you need to know in the present moment.

Price $20.00(CDN)

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

7 Keys To A Happier Healthier Wealthier YOU~ Colourful Self Improvement


This personal journal is helpful for self reflection and personal self development. What better way to discover more about YOU than through the language of colour. Shift your perspective and create profound new growth within.

“A very informative book, passionately and vividly written through which its author leads the reader in an amazing, fascinating journey in the World of Color: Color as a way of Being, Color as a way of Feeling, Color as a way of Perceiving and Living Life, Color as a tool to optimum health and, possibly, to healing.

The historical information reported in it highly enrich the already detailed account of how colors came about and how they have been successfully used over the millennia by some the most ancient healthcare systems we know of, such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Beautifully conceived, this is a book that will catch your attention from the moment you open it till the time you will have finished it. A very useful tool to have which allows for regular exercises and periodical checks about our state of well-being and personal progress in life. I fully enjoyed reading it.”

Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D. – Naturopath, Homeopath, Life Strategist, Author.

Here’s a link to the Author’s Spotlight, Colourful-Self Improvement ~7 Keys To A Happier, Healthier, Wealthier YOU.