Mentorship For Harpers

How To Run A Profitable Harp Practice ~ It’s HERE!

The year of the Entrepreneur and Solopreneur is here and it’s here to stay. More people each day are realizing their future depends on them and all it takes is one small action – START. The differences between solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can be subtle. What matters most is getting started.

There was a time when people lived off the land to make a decent living and provide for their families. Well, today is not so different. Sure we need money. In fact, money makes the world go round in many respects.

That said, the essence of our very selves is being called into question and it’s these questions which gnaw away in our minds and propel us into thinking about what we truly desire. What are we passionate about? What comes naturally to us so we can turn around and share with the others?

Many of us already have some inclination about what we can do or offer as a service. It’s putting the ideas into practice and getting our business up and running that requires steady influence from a mentor who can guide with the skills you may lack without steering the boat entirely so your work or craft reflects who you are.

There is no need to leave your day job. If you are working part-time then how about committing a few hours a week to that project or business idea that sticks in the back of your mind? For those of you looking to start your very own profitable harp practice I have good news for you. My training has finally come together with a soft launch to get things started. This training is for anyone who wishes to understand how to run a profitable harp practice. It’s taken me two years to identify where I fit into this niche market to be able to serve my clients and be profitable. Wouldn’t you like to be profitable too? Isn’t it time?

Therapeutic Harp Career Development

Can you see yourself succeeding?


I’m a graduate of the Harp for Healing Clinical Musician Certification Program (CCM).
And, I’m a Harp for Healing (CMCP) mentor too 🙂

I’m also a graduate of the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner (CTHP).

Both programs are accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.

Did I mention facilitator of Color My World© and Rainbow of Sound® Series too 🙂

When I started on this path there was no end in sight. I had too many ideas bouncing around and everything always seemed up in the air. My mentor and teacher was direct and supportive in helping me figure out which way made sense as a starting point. The goal was to work toward an end result.

Seeing really is believing. And it was only when I started seeing the results did I believe in ME but more importantly, I believed my service had a purpose. When you can answer the question Why? You’re good to go. Every day people are realizing their dreams are within reach. Having a mentor by your side is just the beginning.

What You Can Expect From Mentoring With Me

My existing mentoring students and clients tell me they like that I am direct yet supportive. If you’re looking for someone to candy-coat things then I’m probably not for you. I believe softening language simply to make someone feel good isn’t good mentoring. Even difficult messages can be delivered in a supportive way and I do. My commitment to you is the truth – even when it’s perhaps not what you WANT to hear … I assure you though, it will be what you NEED to hear to succeed.

You’ll get practical, timely advice and I’ll encourage you to take action when we work together. Candour is key to your success because you have limited time to get your venture off the ground and reach profitability as quickly as possible. Delays can mean the death of a great idea so yes … I’ll be firmly but gently encouraging you into action – and I’ll help keep you accountable too.

You’ll discover strategic insights about starting your practice and we will explore options, solutions and best business practices. You’ll build more self-reliance and confidence in your business abilities and develop the leadership qualities necessary to steer your profitable practice onto to great success.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to take the first (or maybe the next step if you’ve already started) I’d be honored to help you succeed.

To start, let’s have a conversation. All great relationships begin with communication and ours is no different. There is no cost to you for this free ‘get to know each other’ session – it’s equally as important for me to know your hopes and aspirations as it is for you to know my style of communication, mentoring and support.

Good? Ok …

Simply use the contact form and drop me an email saying you’d like to explore mentoring and we’ll set something up on Skype because while the telephone is good for talking, video is great for really getting to know each other!

*NOTE* If you don’t have Skype right now, don’t worry – it’s free and easy to use and if you don’t have it currently we can still succeed using the ‘plain old telephone’ to start.

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to have me in your corner, supporting and mentoring you as you grow your business – get in touch I’d be thrilled to hear about your dream business.

In kindness,


PS. And in case you’re wondering about rates, let’s just have a discussion and see if there’s a fit first. My fees are very fair and as you’ll soon discover with successful mentoring … your investment in you is the best you’ll ever make.

PPS. And in case you’re wondering if distance is an issue – it’s not. I’m in Canada and mentor smart people from all around the world. Technology today has truly leveled the field and my clients are in the USA, the UK, Australia, Europe and more. If you have a phone we’re good – if you have a computer and Skype so we can eventually see each other when we’re working together – even better.