MARI – Expressive Art

Join me @ Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre for the MARI workshop

Why The MARI Experience?

To remember your wholeness and the beauty in living a healthy, fulfilling, authentic, creative life. Experiencing MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) especially for the first time, allows you to visualize from your own sense of knowing, insight and awareness where YOU are on life’s path. MARI is perfect for…

…Creative Self-Expression • PTSD• Self-Esteem Hope • Transformation • Spiritual Growth

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Testimonial: Francesca Durham’s art therapy offering through Mari is a relaxing source of personal reflection. Following a creative and interpretive session, I had a renewed sense of confidence in my chosen path. Francesca’s talent for mentorship is a gift to others. Thank you, Francesca. Best wishes. Sincerely, E.M.

MARI is a non-verbal, non-threatening creative process that speaks to us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My particular area of interest to share this experience includes youth and women who are in transition coping with loss and major life changes.


MARI is an incredible tool that can lead to living a more authentic life! Through the simple act of drawing a picture and picking a few cards, you can become aware of and better understand your subconscious processing…and having then SEEN your psyche laid out in front of you…a shift in your brain occurs…no longer are your inner processing's an abstract concept, you are now FULLY AWARE and this is where you become empowered as you now are at the helm – consciously aware of how to continue living your life. 
Sherry Lynn ~ RN, BHSc, MTS(C) Mari Teacher & Facilitator

MARI is a Jungian assessment tool based on symbols, colours and the drawn mandala. This whole-brained instrument allows your inner truth to be revealed. MARI can suggest further paths for integration.


Accessing all four functions of consciousness thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting makes MARI an exceptional tool for personal development.

Rooted in meaning and purpose MARI is the perfect tool for guidance toward healing and wholeness. For example, soul loss can be a deeply painful personal experience. MARI  helps you recover those lost parts of yourself. How? You SEE new possibilities manifesting on the Great Round.

What are people saying about their MARI experience?

Testimonial: Francesca is a wise and insightful coach, who brings a wealth of knowledge and intuitive knowing to her work. She has invested much of herself and her time in her personal quest to follow her passion and is able to offer an authentic and very individual transformative experience to her clients. I very much appreciate her warmth, care and concern which always ensures a very positive, comfortable and consciousness-raising interaction. MARI is a wonderful process and experience. ~ Lynda

What happens in a MARI session? 


First you relax and draw a simple mandala. Thirty-nine symbols printed on clear plastic are spread out before you and you choose the ones you like or are attracted to. Then you match each of these cards with colours. Your card combinations are then placed on a board that allows you to see aspects of your life as they relate to life cycle stages of all living things. Together we explore your strengths and challenges and discover new possibilities for you.

Symbols predate culture, language and even time. They are so much a part of us that we make mental connections with them that are not often conscious. An upward pointing triangle, for example, is typically chosen by people who are beginning something new –literally or symbolically.
The individual is then directed to choose, from a pool of 45 colour cards, the colour that they feel “goes with” each of their chosen symbols. Art therapists have long recognized the connections between colour and the psychological associations that are typically made on an ‘other than conscious’ level. These colours add dimensions that may be emotional, physical, cognitive or spiritual to the chosen symbols.
The sets of symbol and colour cards are then placed on a ‘field’ that is comprised of thirteen developmental stages that are arranged sequentially. In addition, there are, not just one, but three symbols at each stage of the MARI, to reflect differing aspects of that stage.

Testimonial: Not really knowing what to expect when I showed up for a MARI session with Francesca, I was open to whatever may occur. I had no idea I would leave with the reassurance, empowerment & validation I need to be confident that I can truly handle the life challenges facing me. I also left with a clear idea of where I want my life to go and how to begin moving in the right direction. Francesca opened a wonderful door within me and I am sincerely grateful. Thank you so much! – Gillian

To Book A Single MARI Session $80

To Book A Follow Up MARI Session After The JCHAC Workshop $50


Sessions are 2 – 2 1/2 hrs and will include learning how to play one of the rainbow harps for the purpose of creating Her Song (or your song). The remainder of time is spent on creating your MARI before seeing and exploring details on The Great Round.

Everything is provided for you on the day.

To Book Your MUSIC & MARI Session  – Cost $150 ~ (referrals are $125.00)


(suitable for youth girls 14 + and women of all ages)