How to Create a Profitable Harp Practice

Everything You Need To Know About Turning Your Passion Into Profit

I can hear it now … “Why can’t I make money doing what I love?”

It’s a common complaint I hear from passionate harpers wondering why clients aren’t lining up in droves to hire them. Why people aren’t calling to book them and why is there this ever constant struggle to ensure people don’t confuse therapeutic harping with the dreaded “E” word … entertainment.

It’s not easy for sure, and ever since I completed my first certification program I’ve been faced with the reality that most (I can’t speak for all programs as I haven’t enrolled in them all) but most, lack the BUSINESS and MARKETING training necessary to turn your passion into profit.

Well I have good news … THIS COURSE IS THE MISSING PIECE and does just that.

It’s not based on some theoretical, pie-in-the-sky training from a teacher who hasn’t walked-the-walk, this is a factual course filled with my own findings. My own advice and my own resources.

Yes, I’ve turned my harp playing into a profitable practice and when you enrol in this course I’ll show you how I did it and you can too.

Remember, learning to play the harp was merely the step that gets you a seat at the business table … now you need to know how to market your service, how to position it, how to price it and more.

I’ll share my sales letters, my strategies and my failures … I’ll share with you the things to watch out for as well as the things to chase and I’m confident that you’re probably chasing the wrong things right now!

But we can fix that, and fix it quick. Enrol in my program and you’ll be part of an elite group with lifetime access to my training. Your membership includes updates, a PRIVATE MEMBERS GROUP on Facebook and more.

If you have questions about this training, please get in touch – I’d love to help you.

Remember, if you’re happy playing your harp for fun and friends then you don’t need this course. If you want to turn your passion into profit and make your harp practice profitable … ENROL TODAY.

I hope to see you on the inside.

Francesca Durham

PS. Remember the old adage, “If you think the price of training is expensive … try ignorance!” My course is a bargain because it will save you the time, the trouble and the out of pocket expenses (I have conservatively invested well over $10,000 getting here.) ENROL TODAY


Along with your comprehensive video & audio training, sales letters, strategies and more – you get these VALUABLE BONUSES:

  • 6x Classic Business & Marketing Books (and over a century’s worth of experience)
  • A marketing resource section complete with Press Release template (cut-n-paste simple)
  • 10x Marketing 101 Articles (it’s like a mini-marketing MBA)
  • The Top 10 human traits cheat-sheet (know what to say and do for maximum effect)
  • The little-known Business Value Chain Formula (adjust these 5 dimensions for maximum profit)

And an interactive pricing spreadsheet that reveals the truth about time (see what you should really be charging)