Have You Given Away Your Creative Powers? Here’s How I Reclaimed Mine.

On my recent visit to Jordan Village, I was reminded how beautiful life is when we can just “BE” and step out of our minds and into the unknown. Looking around the beautiful landscape I was reminded we are infinitely creative.

Precious moments of awareness open up when we relax. Sometimes a fresh perspective about life and living requires more than just a little reflection. How about a dollop of gratefulness?

As a musician, and recently being called an artist, I realized while walking through this tiny village, how my creative perspective and innovation was touching  the lives of people I serve in my community. Playing therapeutic harp music regularly moves me out of the mind and into my heart.

My creative perspective and message has always been simple: “Changing Lives Through Colour and Sound.” On this glorious day my life was being touched, awakened, and changed through the colours and sounds surrounding my visit to this quaint and charming village.

I came home with a new sense of vitality. I remembered that being creative is about learning to unlock the cage of our mind(s). Embrace what you don’t like or fear. Experience the world differently, and create the moments you need to reclaim your creativity.

What have you done lately to connect with your creativity?

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Colourfully Yours,


You CAN change your life.
You CAN change your life.