Harping For Wellness

Improve Your Mental Health

This workshop is perfect to strengthen and improve mental health. De-stress from the daily grind and relax into the soothing sounds and vibrations you create on the harp.

How The Harp Aids In The Healing Process

For many centuries the beneficial relationship between music and healing has been well established and there is plenty of documentation to prove the benefits. Music played on the harp is know for and has many healing qualities:

• Resonance from the strings

• The range of pitch and tonal Colour

• The relationship between sound and recipient

• Historically the harp had been a symbol of relief and comfort

”Frequency plus intention – equals healing.” Why? Because we are rhythm, vibration with aliveness. (our molecules, our atoms, our quantum particles)

Harping For Wellness Workshops are designed to encourage participants to engage with music by developing the basic skills needed individually and as a group to make music together.

We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.