Harping For Wellness Package: MUSIC & MARI®

For Healing, Health and Wellness

This personalized experience combines sound and creative art where you’ll be taken on a guided journey of deep personal healing and transformation. Here you will “let go” and surrender to the wisdom of your higher self-releasing stress and tension held in the body, mind and spirit. Healing blocked memories and emotions by shifting your energy allows the potential to transform your life. That’s the magic of this stepping stone experience. Personal attention and guidance while offering MUSIC & MARI is a powerful journey of self-enquiry and authentic connection. Isn’t it time?

Express Yourself Beyond Words

Guidance and support will see you through this process while you take the time to acquaint and reconnect to self. Healing starts within and is a birthright for all human beings. For those who wish to reconnect to their essence, this is a double whammy experience. Click here for more information on an individual MARI® session.

It’s been scientifically proven that music can heal the body and brain.

Music is powerful and the relationship between music and colour is energy. Energy means movement. To release negative energies trapped inside the mind is possible through music and expressive art. How? To expend energy on music making and expressive art can bring us back in time or into the future. That said, it’s the act of being present in the moment and engaged in such activities that create the necessary space for the mind to unwind and expand. Between the two you can express yourself beyond words. We can heal blocked memories and emotions by shifting our energy, allowing the potential to transform our lives. That’s the magic of combining a unique experience offering MUSIC & MARI®.

Improve your mental health and well-being.

SEE where you’ve been and imagine the life you really want.


Sessions are 2 hrs and will include learning how to play one of the rainbow harps for the purpose of creating Her Song (your song). The remainder of the time is spent on creating your MARI® before seeing and exploring details on The Great Round.

Everything is provided for you on the day.

To Book Your MUSIC & MARI® Session  – Cost $150 ~ (referrals are $125.00)

Email: francescadurham@gmail.com