Enriching The Lives Of Young Girls & Building Confidence One Harp String At A Time.

At the Girl Guides Centre Mississauga, this group of young girls came together in the afternoon for a unique experience and opportunity with Halton Harps.

The experience was making harp music together. The girls learned to play the harp, they sang and even crafted a harp out of shoe boxes.

Empowering young girls to believe in themselves, try something new and simply do their best builds confidence. That was our goal yesterday and we achieved it with success! Having a hobby or creative outlet for young girls helps build a healthy self-esteem.

The end result of our event and time together was having the parents enjoy listening to their girls play for them before going home. Having the support of mom, dad a big sister, brother or mentor also helps to build confidence.

Creating magical moments of music, one harp string at a time, making friends and having fun leaves an impression and impact that lasts a lifetime for these young girls.

We allowed these young minds to flourish in an environment where they felt safe and comfortable to explore something new, learning how to play the harp.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to Heather for inviting Halton Harps into your community.

Interested in bringing our Happy Harping workshop to your community? To learn more please contact Halton Harps.