Colortime® Image Consultant

What Colour Can Do For You

Colour analysis is an experience. It’s your personal experience with feelings, sensation and emotion all in present time. What do you like or dislike about colours in the palette you choose? Your colour choices will not only help you look good but you’ll feel great knowing which colours flatter you most.

Perfect For Women In Transition

I remember how nice it was to receive such kinds words from Mrs. Eiseman after completing the Colortime® Image Training. She said, “I particularly admire your willingness to work with people from a caring, thoughtful standpoint. It is not just about color, but about confidence-building as well.”

Using the Color Clock ™ Theory we identify your major Colortime® palette: Sunrise, Sunlight and Sunset. Discover which colours naturally complement and bring you to life.

Change Your Colours – Change Your Life!

Have you ever been drawn to certain colours and not known why? And yet, days later that same colour (the blouse or skirt you wanted so badly) now sits idly in the closet and you wonder what you were thinking. The answer is simple: your vibrational energy signature changed and this means you’re no longer in harmony with the item in question.

Of course this is not for ever, and our energy ebbs and flows like the tides. Sometimes we’re drawn to cool peaceful colours, other times to warm, bold, loud, trendy colours. There are hidden messages behind every colour. And colour is the fastest way of communicating your message before starting a conversation.

Find your signature colour, look healthier, and create a positive impression every time.

Being able to understand how hair, make-up and clothes compliment each other to complete your image you’ll be able to project the good energy you feel inside.  Are you ready for a change?

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Francesca’s Philosophy

“I am dedicated to empowering my clients to take comfort in who they are. Building colour confidence helps my clients realize they are beautiful. And I tell my clients that beauty starts on the inside. This is the foundation we build upon one colour at a time. All possibilities are within reach to achieve personal and professional goals when we feel beautiful from the inside out” ~ Francesca