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An Open Letter From My Student, Monica – Part I

Hear Monica’s Feedback After One Year Of Learning How To Play The Harp Therapeutically

For a different blog experience today I’m going to share with you an open letter from my student Monica. With her permission, I’m going to read her thoughts on learning how to play the harp therapeutically, after one year. And yes, please do stay tuned for Part II next week.

It’s been a pleasure showing and sharing with Monica what I’ve learned on my harper’s journey. I’m encouraged and delighted to have worked with her for a year. Time passes quickly and I look forward to hearing how Monica will go on to use therapeutic harp music in her practice moving forward. Our time together has been anything but traditional and a whole lot of fun.

If you are interested in being mentored or wish to learn how to play the harp therapeutically, please get in touch. I’ve been through 2 wonderful creative harp programs and I’m happy to share my experience with you. Interested?


Thanks for stopping by! Until next time…


Monica sitting with her harp

A Sneak Peek of the Art Exhibition, Halton Hills Cultural Centre

Get a glimpse of the artist’s paintings on display located inside the Halton Hills Cultural Centre upper and lower deck.  The art exhibition will run through to September 2nd.

Thank you to Judy Daley, curator of the Gallery for providing the space and ensuring our 1st annual exhibition would be a success.

Congratulations to the artists!! Your participation in helping raise awareness for the organization has certainly left an impression. Being my first experience organizing such an event, it was a pleasure to see the end result.

The art exhibition was one of three events put on this summer by the HBHAS. Come see and experience The Colours of Ontario ~ Four Seasons, in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. You’ll be delighted you did. Happy 150th Birthday CANADA!

Here’s a list of all the artists who participated in the exhibition.

[Video] My summer bedtime harp therapy session at the Darling Home for Kids

Here’s a video montage of a recent Bedtime Harp Therapy session that I donated to the Darling Home For Kids.  The video produced shows the wonderful time everyone had during the therapeutic harp music session with the children. To help you appreciate what DHK does for its children and families, I included some footage of the gardens outside the facility as well.

The song that accompanies the video is a custom piece I wrote specially to celebrate the children of the Darling Home for Kids. This live recording is one of seven songs written and inspired by my time with the children and shares what it’s like for me to play harp music for the kids.

The message and music in my video is a simple one:  remember to support The Darling Home for Kids and if you’d like to know more about harp therapy and therapeutic harp services – please get in touch.

Stay tuned for more creativity and inspiration with my “Budsie reveal” later this week. Get ready to get your dance on. So excited!!!!!!!!!!!