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Are You Living A Meaningful Life? Karina Is.

I know one young woman who’s living a meaningful life. Karina Bianca Scali. Karina recently fulfilled a lifelong dream, one she can now scratch off her bucket list.


Friday, March 31st I had the pleasure of meeting Karina. She joined our Harp Circle at Joshua Creek’s Heritage Art Centre.

Learning how to play the harp was on Karina’s bucket list. She realized this goal on Friday. The accomplishment enhanced not only her happiness, her well-being too. Achieving this goal is one of many sustainable core projects Karina’s aligned for herself this year. Her goals, all within reach, are full of personal meaning.

To read Karina’s story click here.

An inspiration to us all, Karina moves through life with grace and calm.

Do you ever take a moment to reflect on what matters most in your life? Karina did. Setting goals pulls us forward toward possibilities. With the odds against her at every corner, Karina’s risen above every challenge. Today she focuses on individual goals to enjoy living a meaningful life.

Let this be the beginning of a magical new adventure and harp journey for Karina. The possibilities of learning how to play the harp are endless.

Karina’s story is one I’m only too happy to share with others. Together let’s bring awareness to community about Williams syndrome.

Williams Syndrome has been Karina’s life challenge. And, it’s been through difficulties faced having Williams syndrome that’s shinned a light on Karina’s gifts and talents. Music is definitely a gift Karina’s blessed to share with others. She plays the guitar. Now she’s learning how to play the harp!

Karina’s personal development has grown tremendously since moving to Oakville in the late 90’s. Her personal accomplishments, too many to mention, are inspiring and it doesn’t stop there. I understand congratulations are in order. Karina’s accepted into the Sheridan College ECE program starting 2017. Wow!

After a great deal of disappointment, rejection and having many doors closed, Karina never gave up. She persevered allowing several new opportunities to unfold. Perhaps the lesson is about following your dreams and listening only to those who say, “You Can Do It.”

Karina lives everyday with wonder and surprise. She lives an authentic, meaningful life carrying out what needs doing to make her dreams come true. She certainly has courage.

Your community is right behind you, Karina. Every step of the way we will be here to support you in every way.

See you again soon at JCHAC. We can’t wait to have you join us again.💜

Enrich Your Life With Creativity At Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

Authentic Heart Connections In Your Community

FDPOSTMMI invite you to come out and have a little fun in the month of February. Try something new at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre.

February 24th join in our very 1st Harp Circle  from 6:30-8:00PM. Another MARI Workshop is scheduled for March 4th 10:00AM-12:00noon. There are too many wonderful activities to mention here so be sure to check their calendar of events.

The Riches Of Life Exhibition is a must see. As well, the 6th annual Art From The Heart.

Expressive arts is a multi-modal approach to healing and self development. In other words, a good way to relax, recharge and realign. MARI is perfect for this experience as well as learning how to play an instrument. What are you waiting for?

I’ll be presenting throughout the month of February at JCHAC. Come out and make authentic heart ❤️connections in your community. Strengthen your mental health and enrich your life with creativity. See you there!!!!

In 3 Easy Steps Learn How You Can Find Your WOW Factor ~ Images That Suit

What you wear speaks volumes about what you want others to know about you. So, why bother with a wardrobe you ask? Well, it’s common to hear someone say, “I haven’t got anything to wear” and if this describes you, then you need to survey your wardrobe and make a plan.

Listen to Gail reveal Fall’s 2016 unique and exciting line up of trends, patterns, prints, detail, colours, boots, shoes and so much more to suit YOU.

The key is to plan an adequate wardrobe. Have enough suitable work clothes to carry out your job and feel confident about the way you look. Learn how you can go from Business, to Business Casual to Casual Friday’s in three easy steps.

Have I peaked your interest? Good.

How to Create a Profitable Harp Practice

Everything You Need To Know About Turning Your Passion Into Profit

I can hear it now … “Why can’t I make money doing what I love?”

It’s a common complaint I hear from passionate harpers wondering why clients aren’t lining up in droves to hire them. Why people aren’t calling to book them and why is there this ever constant struggle to ensure people don’t confuse therapeutic harping with the dreaded “E” word … entertainment.

It’s not easy for sure, and ever since I completed my first certification program I’ve been faced with the reality that most (I can’t speak for all programs as I haven’t enrolled in them all) but most, lack the BUSINESS and MARKETING training necessary to turn your passion into profit.

Well I have good news … THIS COURSE IS THE MISSING PIECE and does just that.

It’s not based on some theoretical, pie-in-the-sky training from a teacher who hasn’t walked-the-walk, this is a factual course filled with my own findings. My own advice and my own resources.

Yes, I’ve turned my harp playing into a profitable practice and when you enrol in this course I’ll show you how I did it and you can too.

Remember, learning to play the harp was merely the step that gets you a seat at the business table … now you need to know how to market your service, how to position it, how to price it and more.

I’ll share my sales letters, my strategies and my failures … I’ll share with you the things to watch out for as well as the things to chase and I’m confident that you’re probably chasing the wrong things right now!

But we can fix that, and fix it quick. Enrol in my program and you’ll be part of an elite group with lifetime access to my training. Your membership includes updates, a PRIVATE MEMBERS GROUP on Facebook and more.

If you have questions about this training, please get in touch – I’d love to help you.

Remember, if you’re happy playing your harp for fun and friends then you don’t need this course. If you want to turn your passion into profit and make your harp practice profitable … ENROL TODAY.

I hope to see you on the inside.

Francesca Durham

PS. Remember the old adage, “If you think the price of training is expensive … try ignorance!” My course is a bargain because it will save you the time, the trouble and the out of pocket expenses (I have conservatively invested well over $10,000 getting here.) ENROL TODAY


Along with your comprehensive video & audio training, sales letters, strategies and more – you get these VALUABLE BONUSES:

  • 6x Classic Business & Marketing Books (and over a century’s worth of experience)
  • A marketing resource section complete with Press Release template (cut-n-paste simple)
  • 10x Marketing 101 Articles (it’s like a mini-marketing MBA)
  • The Top 10 human traits cheat-sheet (know what to say and do for maximum effect)
  • The little-known Business Value Chain Formula (adjust these 5 dimensions for maximum profit)

And an interactive pricing spreadsheet that reveals the truth about time (see what you should really be charging)

Ready For Change? Dare To Rise: Reshaping Humanity by Reshaping Yourself

Dare to Rise is written for the many people who feel a calling for more “awareness in living”, who are looking to grow more consciously and find clear understanding of the mechanics of responsibility in action. This is the 1st interview in a four part series. Please join Teresa, Denis and myself next Sunday June 12th, 11:00AM EST for the continuation and part II.

Unconditional Love grows when you learn to Love yourself more and take full responsibility for your circumstances as co-creator of your world.

Until then…

Why You Should Attend A Live Event With Dr. Venus Opal Reese

IMG_1283-1It’s quite simple really. She delivers. And where else are you going to network, learn and have fun with like-minded people all at the same time?

There’s nothing like being in a room full of like-minded people focused on building their business, dreams and ideas. You realize you’re not alone wanting to enhance and improve your business and yourself.

Dr. Venus is genuine from the minute you meet her. Authentic in her style and presentation, what impressed me the most is when you experience Dr. Venus pouring into you. That’s where she shines and everyone benefits from the lesson. She helps you see the truth in recognizing where you can make adjustments and improvements to your business with results and big payoffs.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Venus this past week in Toronto. Her BWM Blueprint Tour stop in Toronto was an intimate affair and experience that’s left a lasting impression.

Gracious with her kind words to me personally, I listened, remain open and committed to my destiny.

I’m so glad she put Canada on the list of places to stop along the way.

Thank you Dr. Venus.

Interested to know more about the BWM Blueprint Tour?


How To Step Into Spring & Break The Stress Cycle

When your stress levels reach an all time high, listen to your body because it knows when to feed your soul. Quiet time to decompress, gain clarity and perspective is necessary for healthy conscious living.

Staying calm and peaceful for most people is not an issue. However, staying focused day after day, meetings, deadlines, multi tasking, flexing between projects, emails, relationships and constant technology interruptions will eventually take their toll. There comes a time when you need to disconnect from it all, break the stress cycle, and return to a place of inner peace.

When’s the last time you invested in yourself? Well, theres no time like the present to do just that. My recent discovery of Shanti retreat located on Wolfe Island, a Ferry’s ride across the water from Kingston ON, certainly left an impression. More important, it reminded me how necessary it is to take care of ones-self. The best way to break the stress cycle so you really can step into Spring starts with listening to the call for R&R. Shanti retreat makes a perfect weekend or mid-week getaway.

Run by co-creators Wendy and Darin, Shanti is a hidden gem on the island. I learned this tranquil retreat is frequented by many clients who return year after year. And, the staff are some of the kindest most warm hearted people you’ll ever meet.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Just remember, it’s never to late to step into Spring. What matters most is believing wholeheartedly you’re worth it.