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A Wintery Morning To Warm The HeART

Here I stand with volunteer, Lisaura.

Here at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre I’m showing off details of what creative HeART and minds do regularly.

On this snowy morning a small group of volunteers, myself included, came together to assist the artists from Community Living Oakville.

Students gather around the communal table every Monday morning at 10:00AM sharp! The smell of a wood burning fireplace lingers.

We start with a cup of tea. Then we listen to Sybil outline class instructions. I was asked to read a book today and not just any book. It was a story about color by Dr. Seuss called, “My Many Colored Days.” Everyone listened, learned and shared their thoughts. Then it was time to get on with the assigned tasks in order for the artists to complete their projects from last week.

Today’s assignment was called, “The Sandwich.” As you can see the result was sensational.

This group of artists deserve to show off their work and the community deserves to see it.

My takeaway from today’s lesson was the simplicity of creating authentic HeART connections in community.

The truth is, a simple act of kindness empowers creative minds, supporting risk and experimentation. Today was a good day for all.

For current listings of my workshops at JCHAC:


Enrich Your Life With Creativity At Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

Authentic Heart Connections In Your Community

FDPOSTMMI invite you to come out and have a little fun in the month of February. Try something new at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre.

February 24th join in our very 1st Harp Circle  from 6:30-8:00PM. Another MARI Workshop is scheduled for March 4th 10:00AM-12:00noon. There are too many wonderful activities to mention here so be sure to check their calendar of events.

The Riches Of Life Exhibition is a must see. As well, the 6th annual Art From The Heart.

Expressive arts is a multi-modal approach to healing and self development. In other words, a good way to relax, recharge and realign. MARI is perfect for this experience as well as learning how to play an instrument. What are you waiting for?

I’ll be presenting throughout the month of February at JCHAC. Come out and make authentic heart ❤️connections in your community. Strengthen your mental health and enrich your life with creativity. See you there!!!!

Why Wish Upon A Star When You Can Make A Wishing Candle ~ CJ Shelton.

altonworkshopWhat better way to spend a wintery Saturday afternoon than exploring the rolling hills of Caledon, winter driving conditions were good, and visiting the quaint historic village of Alton.

Visited Alton Mills Arts Centre yesterday to attend CJ Shelton’s, “Winter Solstice Wishing Candle Workshop.” So glad I did…what FUN! With little time to spare before class, I had quite the adventure touring all the studios seeing the artists immersed in their work. If you’re wondering who is CJ Shelton?  “Carol (“C.J.”) Shelton is best known for her highly detailed architectural renderings and portraitiure of heritage sites and private residences which she has been actively doing for over 30 years throughout York Region and now Dufferin/Peel.”

In her studio, hanging out and listening to CJ tell stories was a pleasure. It certainly was a moment to be inspired and present.  Appreciating the natural beauty of the surroundings felt peaceful while taking in her creative artwork placed all around.

If you get a chance to visit the artists be sure to stop in and say “hi” to CJ. Find out more about her:

C.J. Shelton – Dancing Moon Designs
“Illuminating the Creative Spirit”
Mandala Artist & Instructor –

Upcoming Workshops

The MillStory visit,
What to SEE and DO,

If you would like to know more about my upcoming workshops please visit;



In 3 Easy Steps Learn How You Can Find Your WOW Factor ~ Images That Suit

What you wear speaks volumes about what you want others to know about you. So, why bother with a wardrobe you ask? Well, it’s common to hear someone say, “I haven’t got anything to wear” and if this describes you, then you need to survey your wardrobe and make a plan.

Listen to Gail reveal Fall’s 2016 unique and exciting line up of trends, patterns, prints, detail, colours, boots, shoes and so much more to suit YOU.

The key is to plan an adequate wardrobe. Have enough suitable work clothes to carry out your job and feel confident about the way you look. Learn how you can go from Business, to Business Casual to Casual Friday’s in three easy steps.

Have I peaked your interest? Good.

Harp Workshop At The Harriet Tubman Institute Student Summer Program

IMG_1660 (1)How wonderful to be invited to do a workshop for the Harriet Tubman Institute For Research On It’s African Diasporas.   The actual workshop took place in the Archives of Ontario building, York University.

The theme for the presentation was the harp and it’s connection with the stringed instruments of Africa. I can honestly say the students enjoyed learning about the harps history and playing them too.

Thank you to the Directors of the Harriet Tubman Institute for the invitation and Mr. Winston LaRose for making the introduction. Special thanks to Robert and Travis, students of the program, for helping me carrying the harps around the building.