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An Open Letter From My Student, Monica – Part I

Hear Monica’s Feedback After One Year Of Learning How To Play The Harp Therapeutically

For a different blog experience today I’m going to share with you an open letter from my student Monica. With her permission, I’m going to read her thoughts on learning how to play the harp therapeutically, after one year. And yes, please do stay tuned for Part II next week.

It’s been a pleasure showing and sharing with Monica what I’ve learned on my harper’s journey. I’m encouraged and delighted to have worked with her for a year. Time passes quickly and I look forward to hearing how Monica will go on to use therapeutic harp music in her practice moving forward. Our time together has been anything but traditional and a whole lot of fun.

If you are interested in being mentored or wish to learn how to play the harp therapeutically, please get in touch. I’ve been through 2 wonderful creative harp programs and I’m happy to share my experience with you. Interested?


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Monica sitting with her harp

In 3 Easy Steps Learn How You Can Find Your WOW Factor ~ Images That Suit

What you wear speaks volumes about what you want others to know about you. So, why bother with a wardrobe you ask? Well, it’s common to hear someone say, “I haven’t got anything to wear” and if this describes you, then you need to survey your wardrobe and make a plan.

Listen to Gail reveal Fall’s 2016 unique and exciting line up of trends, patterns, prints, detail, colours, boots, shoes and so much more to suit YOU.

The key is to plan an adequate wardrobe. Have enough suitable work clothes to carry out your job and feel confident about the way you look. Learn how you can go from Business, to Business Casual to Casual Friday’s in three easy steps.

Have I peaked your interest? Good.

Interview with Kate Kunkel, The Harp Lady

Listen to this “live” Signature Series Interview with Kate Kunkel.

Walking up her driveway to the front door, I realized I was being serenaded by the beautiful sounds of Kate playing harp music.

Our meeting was lively and fun. I learned so much about Kate and her harpers journey. From barista to harp performer, Kate has played over 10,000 shows, “made it” in Vegas, and is soon to be sporting a harp tattoo.

Listen as Kate explains the theory of Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy and how sounds and vibrations affect the body. Her stories are personal and genuine and she shares her tips about managing performance anxiety and improving your harp skills.

Be sure to check out Kate’s Half Day Harp Camp Event on Performing ~ September 21st. 

Click play below to listen.

ABOUT: Kate began playing piano when she was 4 and later in life turned to the harp as a hobby to help relive work pressures. Turning pro and working in Las Vegas for more than a decade, Kate finally found her life’s calling when she was asked to play for a cancer patient. Recognizing her new path, she dedicated herself to music and sound therapy bringing peace and healing to those in need.

* Brought you by My Harpers Journey (the new book by author Francesca Durham)


Signature Series Interview with Diane Dunn

Diane DunnIn today’s Signature Series Interview I have the pleasure of speaking with Harpist, Diane Dunne about how she built and ran a very successful harping practice, how long she searched for her perfect harp (you’ll never believe it when she tells you!) and she reveals a never before secret about her professional life. Click play below to listen.

ABOUT: Diane E. Dunn (Heart & Harp) began playing the harp when she was 13 and professionally at 18. Her harp specialty is background music for special occasions and Diane has performed all over southeast Michigan USA.

* Brought you by My Harpers Journey (the new book by author Francesca Durham)