Can Therapeutic Harp Music Inspire Creativity?

You bet.
Look at the image created by local artist Andrea.

The lesson was given by Jennifer Cairns, Director of the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre. The inspiration came from studying the great work of Hundertwasser. The collection of work from the artists came together in late Spring.

I was invited to play for the artists on a brisk Monday morning. So, with my pink harp in hand, I sat around the table and played for everyone. They worked feverishly from the minute they picked up coloured pencils, markers and everything else made available. From lots of chatter to quiet in a matter of minutes, all the volunteers noticed a difference. The artists shared and expressed when sounds made them feel, happy, sad, sparkly and peaceful. I believe they enjoyed the experience and connecting with the harp music.

During my recent visit to the JCHAC in June, I happened upon their latest art exhibition. Looking back at me from across the gallery was Andrea’s completed image. I was overjoyed and thrilled to see the stunning results from her hard work and effort. Who would have thought I’d make it into the picture?

Congratulations to all the artists. It was a pleasure to be part of the experience too.