Benefits of Live Therapeutic Harp Music

Listen to Dr. Ron D. Price (1940 – 2013) talk about the healing power of the harp.

Dr. Ron D. Price 1940–2013

Listen to my interview with Christina Tourin, 2016

Harpist, and Director of the Int’l Harp Therapy Program. Christina will share her ideas about CONVERGENCE – bringing together all those who use music, sound and the arts for enrichment and well-being. Our topic of discussion will focus on the benefits of therapeutic music, specifically ‘live’ harp music. And, how The Color My World© Series is being used in community by facilitators making the harp a fun and enriching experience.

Listen to what patients say when they see and hear live therapeutic harp music.

5 Health Benefits of Live Therapeutic Harp Music

Improves quality of life
Supports deep relaxation
Creates calming environment
Supports patient and families
Supports transition for palliative care patients

Based on the science of sound, therapeutic music can be played for everyone from birth to end of life because it creates a positive healing environment. The soothing sounds of the harp help to calm, relax, melt away grief, anxiety and suffering. From adults to children with special needs (CP, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc.) or those in rehabilitation following a stroke benefit greatly from therapeutic harp music. Including intensive care patients, post-operative care, oncology, palliative care and end of life vigils.