About Me

A Little Bit About Me

My family traveled across Europe before deciding to call Canada home. In fact, I was born in Changi, Singapore. My brother was born in London England. After college my career started in Retail and Image Consulting. However, after a few short years working in Retail I shifted into Human Resources and stayed in this field for over a decade. Counselling, training, and job placement was the real focus and core of my work. As a generalist, the task at hand was constant multi-tasking while working for clients and candidates. Years later a move into business management and development initiated my own transition.


Building my holistic practice working with women in transition, who through word of mouth would recommend my services, has been an interesting journey and one that never ceases to amaze me. After 20 years in the corporate world and having the opportunity to reinvent myself, I decided to build a mentoring practice for women focused on personal development. My secret tools of the trade initially started with colour therapy before adding sound therapy to my practice. My instrument of choice is the harp. With so many coaching tools and techniques available today, one unique approach I offer clients is a personal journey through the colours of the rainbow.

What I Do

Francesca is a spiritual entrepreneur, coach and mentor. She helps her clients transition through major life crisis opening a pathway for re-discovering their potential. MUSIC and MARI workshops facilitated by Francesca are uniquely created for such self discovery. Each workshop provides an experience to uplift and improve health and wellbeing. The essence of her workshops focus on the return to self love. Francesca’s therapeutic harp practice helps long term health care facilities provide life-enriching experiences to dementia and alzheimer sufferers. In her practice she also serves palliative care and hospice, those suffering with chronic pain, MS, Cancer and Strokes. She is a certified therapeutic harp practitioner and clinical musician and enjoys balancing her day to day activities.


Francesca worked her way into creating a new life for herself after facing many difficult sudden and abrupt changes. The experiences have taught her to embrace each new day with Hope & Inspiration, Grace & Compassion. By shifting beliefs, setting new goals, finding a new life purpose and path creating new habits and raising her standards – a bit overwhelming maybe – change is the only constant gift from life offering many rewards and endless possibilities. Francesca has published two books is a certified Colour Life Coach, Colortime® Image Consultant and when not blogging or writing she enjoys spoiling her 4lb Yorkie with lots of play time and nature walks.

My Books

Here’s a link to the Author’s Spotlight on my book, Colourful-Self Improvement ~7 Keys To A Happier, Healthier, Wealthier YOU! This personal journal is helpful for self reflection and personal self development. What better way to discover more about YOU than through the language of colour. Shift your perspective and create profound new growth within. Here’s a link to my first book about my personal harping journey. My Harpers Journey: A Diary of Hope & Inspiration. Also available for Kindle.Available for: