“The life I live today is not the one I imagined for myself.”

Sound familiar? It probably does, because that is the nature of life itself—constantly shifting, it rarely plays out in the way we expect. This can be a difficult reality to face when the things that have moved you away from the life you envisioned are painful changes and challenging experiences. In those moments, the path you thought you knew becomes fogged by negativity and your heart fills with fear. Standing at a crossroads you never anticipated, your next steps seem more uncertain than ever. How do you move forward when you are no longer sure where you’re going?

So, what now?

I began my holistic therapeutic practice because I once stood where you do now—mired in uncertainty, struggling and trying to cope with a series of abrupt and unexpected changes and circumstances that rocked my life. I regained my footing by committing myself to the rediscovery of self-love, hope, and inspiration through art and music.

Today, it is still true that the life I live isn’t the one I imagined for myself. Several years ago, I stepped away from my long-time corporate career to build a mentoring practice for women navigating major life crises using colour and music therapy. That said, I still recruit for clients on a referral basis and have extended my holistic services to seniors impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia, patients in palliative and hospice care, and individuals living with chronic pain or illness. I have designed my workshops and mentorship sessions to offer clients the comfort they seek during their difficult transitions and helpful tools for their personal development and emotional wellness. Through music and art, I guide them to rediscover themselves, find peace in their chaos and prepare to take the next step in their journeys confidently. This can be your story too. Your life may not be what you imagined, but you can still find beauty and fulfillment in the chaos of it all.

“Here’s how I can help.”


MARI® – Expressive Art Workshops

MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) is more than art therapy. This fun and relaxing assessment tool is proven to allow you to tap into your creativity to bring you back to the core and essence of you. Using colours, symbols, and the drawn mandala, MARI accesses all four functions of consciousness—thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting—making it a perfect introspective tool to help you recover parts of yourself loss to pain and trauma and envision new possibilities for your life.
Workshops are typically held in small groups, but one-on-one sessions can be arranged for those who would prefer a more intimate experience.
Perfect for: seniors, youth and students, women and individuals in transition.
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MUSIC – Therapeutic Harp Workshops

As a certified therapeutic harp practitioner and clinical musician, I will introduce you to the soothing and revitalizing effects of listening to and playing harp music live. No musical experience or inclination is required, just an appreciation for sound and a willingness to learn. I will guide you, step by step, through the process of creating music on this beautiful instrument in a judgment-free zone. Music therapy is effective even for those who are unable to play. Research proves that merely listening to moving and evocative music can provide the relaxation and comfort that are essential for those seeking wellness.
Perfect for: Rehabilitation and wellness centres, long-term care facilities, holistic health retreats, corporate stress management events, youth and community programs, correctional institutions, and more.
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MENTORSHIP – Spiritual and Soul Mentorship

Unlearning the messages of negativity and fear we encounter every day is a spiritual undertaking. Using a personal, conversation-based approach to mentorship, I will work one-on-one with you to uncover your heart’s desires, heal past wounds, and determine a path towards a life you love. Our sessions will focus on breaking bad habits and thought patterns and replacing them with self-love practices and purpose-driven behaviours. Through every step of the process, we will center your journey towards self-love and mindfulness to help you stand tall and resolute in the face of challenges, past and present.
Perfect for: Women coping with trauma and navigating difficult transitions
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