Experience the beauty of living a healthy, fulfilling, authentic life.

Few things in life are certain. Change is one of them. Of course, that can be scary. From the natural progression of life to experiences that shake up the world as we know it, navigating our often-shifting paths can be a challenge. I’m here to help.

Hello, I’m Francesca Durham, holistic MARI®art practitioner, therapeutic Music facilitator, and Mentor. I help people just like you find wellness, balance, and self-confidence through the healing benefits of art and creativity. If I’ve peaked your interest then read on or click a link to learn more.

Turn the chaos and clamour of fear and uncertainty into something beautiful.

Whether you’re coping with a traumatic experience, navigating difficult transitions, trying to make sense of a devastating diagnosis, or feeling hesitant about taking the next steps towards your goals, my holistic therapeutic practice is designed to uplift your heart, reframe your mind, and give you the confidence to embrace the growth and transformation that comes with change.

My approach is three-fold: MARI®, MUSIC, MENTORSHIP.

The answers to your growth and healing are within you. MARI expressive art workshops help you reach them. A fun and non-threatening creative process, MARI guides you to visualize your awareness of where you are on your life’s path. Learn more…

Music has long been recognized as an effective tool for physical and mental wellness. I created Halton Harps to offer recreational harp workshops and therapeutic harp music programs in the Halton region and Greater Toronto Area. Learn more…

Unconscious human conditioning shows up in our everyday lives all the time. That conditioning is rooted in negativity and fear that stunts our progress and limits our growth. Unlearning those messages and discovering your true potential is a spiritual undertaking. Learn more…

The life of joy and wellness you desire is within reach. Are you ready to experience it? Just like you, I’ve stood at the crossroads of life, burdened with uncertainty and pain. I found a path to healthy, wholesome, purpose-filled living through art and music, and you can too. If MARI®, Music, or Mentorship appeals to you—or you’re not sure where to start—let’s connect and get you set on the path toward a life you’ll love.

In kindness,
Francesca Durham