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My Holistic Therapeutic Practice Is Two-fold

First, to help young kids build self-esteem and confidence making harp music together with Hand on Harps.  An introduction workshop, Harping For Wellness, is perfect for adults and seniors. Therapeutic Harp services for your spiritual care is also available.

Second, assist women in transition to cope with change and loss. Have you stepped on the path of self-inquiry? Would you like to see where your life meets reality? Are you looking to address your fears, limiting beliefs, relationship to power, personal relationships, healing from the past? If so, MARI® could be just what you need to uplift your heart and mind as you prepare to embrace change.

With Change Comes Growth and Transformation.

And that’s a good thing. Learning how to play the harp or experiencing MARI® both are focused on strengthening health and wellness on all levels of your being. The qualities of hearing live harp music and expressing your creativity are fun, therapeutic and calming.

Are You Curious To Explore Your Creative Self?

Would you like to try something new and different? Experiencing MUSIC & MARI workshops are about celebrating change and making authentic heart connections in your community. Combining MUSIC with MARI®, for those interested, can provide a beautiful bonding and healing experience. My intention is for us to work together with both tools showing and sharing how you can benefit from the experience. For more information on recreational harp workshops please visit, MUSIC & MARI®.

Over the years I’ve gathered an amazing amount of content and cultivated some wonderful relationships. I’m excited to share my personal insights and wisdom with all of you.

Mentoring continues on a referral basis so please get in touch if you are interested in learning more.

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