Dear Friend,

TTeventI’m so glad you chose to stop by and visit my website.

After a very long corporate career my personal journey began with studying the art and science of colour. This led to a career mentoring women in personal development. Along this path I stumbled upon the harp and so began my love affair with learning how to play this instrument. My harp journey was full of mixed emotions: excitement at learning a new craft, concern over whether I had what it would take to learn the theory as well as the practical and more.

But through it all I knew that if I simply “stayed the course” I would prevail. Looking back, this advice served me well. On those days when my resolve was tested I would hunker down and read a book, listen to my favourite harp heroes play or simply call a friend that had walked the path before me.

I am grateful to my mentors — you know who you are!

Today I am proud and pleased to say that my harp practice is alive and well, I completed the various certifications and trainings (of course there’s always more!) and I’m helping those who want to walk the same path by sharing information and support through this website. Over the years I’ve gathered an amazing amount of content and built some truly special relationships with others in our industry. Personal mentoring continues on a referral basis.

Remember to connect with me (and your peers) on social media, leave a comment on the site and by all means email me.

To your personal development and harping success,

Francesca Durham